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Product FAQs

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Connection FAQs

What devices and platforms does PandaVPN support?

Currently, PandaVPN supports for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux systems. You can enjoy our service on Windows PC, MAC, Android Phone, Android Tablet & TV, iPhone & iPad, and Linux devices.

Does PandaVPN have any other official or officially authorized site on the web?

No. This is the only official site of PandaVPN brand.


To guarantee a 100% official and safe PandaVPN download and purchase, here are three recommended places you can completely trust on:

1. https://pandavpnpro.com - the official site of PandaVPN, with download and purchase pages respectively.

2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pandavpn.androidproxy – the official Google Play page of PandaVPN Pro.

3. https://apps.apple.com/app/id1450910298 - the official App Store page of PandaVPN Pro


Please keep away from other PandaVPN-named or PandaVPN-similarly-named products or sites because they give either pirated or counterfeit software of PandaVPN, which is very probably less quality and may put you into a risky situation to lose online browsing data and even money. According to real feedbacks, certain counterfeit apps are unable to use at all after purchase and they don’t give refunds anyway.


Our team will spare no efforts to fend against the pirated or counterfeit software of PandaVPN. We delivered a complaint on Apple’s App Store in middle May and the “fake PandaVPN” app has already changed its name and logo.

We also hope that you can actively report counterfeit PandaVPN to us through the official customer service email, [email protected].

Route description in Settings

Mobile Client
Smart mode: Adopt preset website proxy rules. Intelligently select websites to use proxy.
Bypass LAN: Not use proxy for LAN websites
Bypass mainland China: Not use proxy for mainland China websites
Bypass LAN & mainland China: Not use proxy for LAN and mainland China websites
Only proxy the GFW list: Only the websites in the GFW list use proxy
Only proxy the mainland China websites: Only the mainland China websites use proxy
Global Mode: All of the Internet access use proxy
Global Mode (OpenVPN First): All of the Internet access use proxy. Since the proxy may support multiple protocols, the OpenVPN protocol will be preferred here.

PC Client
Smart mode: It is Auto proxy config script mode in China mainland, and global mode in other countries and areas
Auto proxy config script: Same to smart mode
Global Mode: All of the Internet access use proxy
Global Mode (OpenVPN First): All of the Internet access use proxy. Since the proxy may support multiple protocols, the OpenVPN protocol will be preferred here.
Global VPN mode: All your Internet activity on the computer will be proxied by PandaVPN

How to select the best server to connect?

Network conditions are different in each region. You can select a server according to the sites and games you want to sign in. And you can choose servers according to the latency time, the lower, the better.

Does PandaVPN have a traffic limit? Can I connect to PandaVPN without the internet connection?

There is no traffic limit from PandaVPN. But please notice that if you are not connected to the Internet, you cannot use a VPN. Basic internet is required.

When I use PandaVPN, the access speed to local sites or Apps becomes slowly, how to solve it?

Because the global mode is turned on by default, please close Global Mode in Settings.

Is PandaVPN safe?

Yes, PandaVPN is 100% safe.


OpenVPN protocol and 256-ECC encryption technology secure your online data and privacy.

PandaVPN is featured with Bitcoin payment, random digital account and strict zero-log policy. And the built-in ad blocker prevents you from the bother of ads. Learn More >

What do the abbreviations under servers mean?

Generally, they represent network service providers. Such as HKT, HKBN, APNIC, HCM, PCCW, HiNet, Softbank.

Or certain streaming sites the server can be used to watch. Such as:
Viaplay: the server can be used to watch Viaplay
Netflix: the server can be used to watch Netflix
VIU: the server can be used to watch VI
AbemaTV: the server can be used to watch AbemaTV
Iplayer BBC: the server can be used to watch Iplayer BBC

Why can’t I change my IP address when I connect the server?

Please turn on Global Mode in settings, and reconnect a server to have a try.

What's the meaning of the server group?

The server list mainly grouped according to the location of the server. In order to meet users' needs, we also set some other server groups.
Smart Connect: The best server will be recommended to you by clicking the button
Favorites: This group is below Smart connect. If you do not favorite servers, the group is not displayed.
NO BT: Servers in this group do not allow BitTorrent to download
BitTorrent: Servers in this group allowed to BitTorrent download
Streaming: Servers in this group can help you unlock the streaming videos. For example, if a server marked with Netflix and HBO, it means that you can watch Netflix and HBO videos with it.

How to use the ads filtering function? Which platforms can be filtered?

At present, PandaVPN's Android and iOS clients have launched the ads filtering function. After the ads blocking function is enabled in the settings, in the smart mode, you can connect to any server to achieve ads filtering. Currently, mainstream video websites that can be filtered include platform ads such as MangoTV and iQiyi, as well as pop-ups and banner ads on some websites.